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Unique hands-on art experiences and one-of-a-kind mementos

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Atelier Sunset offers unique hands-on art workshops that can't be found anywhere else in Okinawa, as well as a variety of Atelier Sunset's original merchandise, including T-shirts and stickers.
Make a stop at Atelier Sunset and shop for Okinawan souvenirs to bring home with you!

Custom Photo Puzzles

Turn your favorite photo into a jigsaw puzzle with Atelier Sunset! To make a custom jigsaw puzzle, you can bring in pictures or drawings (both digital files and printed photos are accepted). You can also send your favorite picture to us via email in advance of your visit.
・A5 paper size
 1,500 yen
・A4 paper size
 2,000 yen
 An additional 300 yen

Atelier Sunset

“Stained glass” art experience

In this workshop, you can create unique artwork reminiscent of stained glass, by using special paints that allows light to pass through them.
Wedding boards, photo frames, shisa, etc can all be made.
Enjoy the fun of “stained glass” art with us!

Postcard size
 1,500 yen
2L paper size
 2,000 yen
A4 paper size
 3,000 yen
 From 30 minutes

Atelier Sunset

Glass Bead Accessories Making

Glass beads, known as tonbo-dama in Japanese, date back to more than 3,000 years ago and have always captured the hearts and minds of people with their unparalleled beauty.
Why not make one for yourself and put your thought and effort into these small pieces of art?

・Cellphone strap with single-color glass beads
 1,620 yen
・Necklace with single-color glass beads
 1,940 yen
・Cellphone strap with patterned glass beads
 2,700 yen
・Necklace with patterned glass beads
 2,800 yen
 From 15 minutes
・Additional glass beads
 From 50 yen each


The process of slowly cooling the glass beads will take about one hour.
(Time required may vary depending on season.)

Atelier Sunset

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