Salt-Making Workshop

Make your own one-of-a-kind salt!

Salt-Making Workshop Salt-Making Workshop Salt-Making Workshop Salt-Making Workshop

This workshop provide visitors the opportunity to try their hand at making salt for themselves by boiling Okinawan seawater.
A delicious salt is attributed to a combination of a good charcoal fire, a quality stone pot and the love put into it.
The workshop offers fun for people of all ages. You can't take your eyes off the sight of salt crystals gradually being created in the stone pot!
Your salt will be ready to take home the same day in a saltcellar of your choice.
Masu, in Okinawan dialect, means salt. It's common practice for Okinawans to carry a little bag of masu for protection against evil spirits.

Salt-Making Workshop

Participants can take home their own freshly-produced salt in a saltceller.
*Charcoal is used to make the fire in this workshop. Participants may have to wait between 10 and 30 minutes until the fire is ready.
*Children at elementary school or younger must be accompanied by a parent or guardian throughout the workshop.

Approximately 40 minutes
1,500 yen

Salt-Making Workshop
Salt-Making Workshop
Salt-Making Workshop

A free saltcellar for all participants!

All workshop participants will receive a free saltcellar for their own salt. Choose from an extensive selection of saltcellars in varying shapes and colors.

Salt-Making Workshop

Salt-making from Okinawa's crystal-clear seawater

The water used in the workshop is a concentrated form of seawater drawn from the ocean surrounding Okinawa. The taste and crystal structure may vary from salt to salt.

Salt-Making Workshop

Salt crystals forming

Salt crystals are created when seawater is boiled and vaporizes. The taste and crystalline structure of salt are determined by the final process of swirling the salt in the stone pot as it starts to cool.

Salt-Making Workshop

Try it!

Sample a rice cracker or popcorn dusted with your freshly-made salt. Even more fun is comparing the taste of your salt with that made by other participants.


Advance reservations are highly recommended, especially for groups of five people or more.
Participants (groups of less than five people) will be guided through the workshop on a first come, first served basis

Reservation by phone