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We will guide you through the Okinawan waters safely and courteously!

Marine Service Murunu-shi Marine Service Murunu-shi Marine Service Murunu-shi Marine Service Murunu-shi

We offer a wide variety of water-based activities for you to choose from.
Explore the fascinating underwater world of Okinawa with marine activity specialist, Murunuu-shi!


Snorkeling is a popular activity that offers a wondrous experience of swimming with schools of tropical fish. Even if you are not a strong swimmer, don't worry. A lifejacket and wetsuit will make your snorkeling experience an easy and pleasant one. From the popular Blue Cave Course to boat snorkeling excursions along with snorkeling and fish feeding tours, a variety of choices are available.

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Marine Service Murunu-shi

Introduction to Diving

Introductory diving offers beginners the opportunity to experience the fun of swimming with colorful tropical fish, including the popular clownfish, and the sensations of scuba diving, such as the thrill of breathing underwater. Introductory diving can be enjoyed only on the main island of Okinawa; not outlying islands. All of our introductory diving tours are led by experienced instructors, guaranteeing a safe and enjoyable experience for everyone. Clownfish Course, Cave Course, Special Course and more options are available.

 From 9,200 yen

Marine Service Murunu-shi

Fun Diving

Fun diving courses are for certified divers. There is no better way to explore the crystal-clear waters of Okinawa, filled with mysterious wonders and surprises, than fun diving. Fun diving can be enjoyed in your choice of area including the Yomitan coast, Cape Maeda, Cape Manza and the Kerama Islands.

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 From 8,500 yen

Marine Service Murunu-shi

Certification Programs

By participating one of our certification programs, you can obtain all knowledge and skills you need to safely scuba dive, along with an internationally recognized diver certification, allowing you to enjoy diving around the world. The courses are 2-3 days in duration.

 From 50,000 yen

Marine Service Murunu-shi