If your question is not listed here, please feel free to contact us by phone or using the inquiry form below.
*The FAQ section may be revised from time to time to reflect new/updated information.

If your question is not listed here, please feel free to contact us by phone or using the inquiry


form below.


Questions about access and parking lots
Questions about the facility
Questions about dining

Is there parking available on the premises?
Parking lot guidance
・Parking lot 1 (located on the north side of the facility)
- Parking for large vehicles (capacity approximately 6)
- Parking for regular vehicles (capacity approximately 50)
- Handicapped parking (capacity 2)
・Central (Chuou) parking lot (located in front of the facility)
- Parking for regular vehicles (capacity approximately 20)
Handicapped parking (capacity 2)

All parking spaces are available free of charge.

*We are not responsible for lost or stolen valuables or any accidents occurring in these parking lots. Please secure your personal property or valuables.

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How can I get to Gala Aoiumi?

Gala Aoiumi is 27km (around one hour) from Naha City. Drive on Route 58 heading North and turn left at the Iramina intersection in Yomitan Village. Travel along Route 6 toward Cape Zampa. Shortly after a Lawson convenience store you will reach a set of traffic lights at a fork in the road. Take the fork left and then take the third left after that. This road will take you toward the ocean and you will reach Gala Aoiumi in around one kilometer.

Take the No. 28 bus from Naha City and get off at the bus stop called “Ufudou” in Yomitan Village. Walk for 20 minutes, following the signs to Gala Aoiumi.


915 Takashiho, Yomitan Village, Nakagami County, Okinawa


For visitors using a rental car
Gala Aoiumi is located in Yomitan Village, central Okinawa, and is around 27km from Naha City and a 60-minute drive from Naha Airport.

*Using the car's GPS navigation system:
Enter the Gala Aoiumi phone number to search for directions.

If your GPS navigation system can’t locate Gala Aoiumi, please search for the directions to Hotel Nikko Alivila (Tel: 098-982-9111) or Murasaki Mura (Tel: 098-958-1111), between which we are located.

*Parking lots
There are two parking areas available: One on the seaside right in front of the facility and the other on the north side.

*Parking fee
All parking spaces are free of charge.


Is there an admission fee to enter Gala Aoiumi?
Admission is free for all of Gala Aoiumi, except for the Sango Batake (coral field).


What are the opening hours?
※ A holiday, business hours may be changed by reservations.

Grill & Café Ocean's Pizza




Other facilities



Please tell me about the bathroom facilities.
Bathrooms can be found at the north end of the main passage that cuts through the facility and also near the Aoikaze glass workshop, located roughly in the center of the facility.
Both bathrooms are equipped with a handicapped-accessible toilet and a nursing room.


What kinds of hands-on experiences can I have at Gala?
Visitors can enjoy the following hands-on programs and activities with us.
- Pottery
- Glass art
- Coral growing
- “Stained glass” art
- Marine activities


Tell me about the General Information Desk.
The General Information Desk is located just next to the entrance to the shop, in the center of the facility.
Visitors can borrow wheelchairs and baby strollers from here.


Can you give me some information on group visits?
1. We have four parking spaces for large buses and 70 for regular vehicles.
2. For students and school groups
 We offer six types of hands-on programs/activities: pottery, glass art, diving, coral growing, "stained glass" art and marine activities. Check out the individual pages or contact us for more information about each program.  

3. Group dining
 There are restaurants, Ocean's Pizza, that can accommodate large groups. Contact the particular restaurant for more details.


Can I rent a wheelchair/baby stroller?
To make everyone's experience at Gala Aoiumi a fun and comfortable one, we offer wheelchair and baby stroller rentals free of charge. Please feel free to ask any staff member for assistance.

- Wheelchair rental
Where to rent from: General Information Desk
Charge: Free
Number of wheelchairs available: 3

- Baby strollers
Where to rent from: General Information Desk
Charge: Free
Number of strollers available: 3

*Wheelchairs and baby strollers are allowed anywhere on the premises; however, outdoor use may be prohibited due to bad weather.


Am I allowed to bring my own food items from outside?
We kindly ask all visitors to refrain from bringing their own food and drink into the facility. Gala Aoiumi offers two dining options.
Food and drink can also be purchased at the parlor.


Can I make a reservation with a restaurant?
For reservations, please contact the particular restaurant directly.

Grill & Café Ocean's Pizza
Tel: 098-958-7711

Tel: 098-989-3556

Kaiyou Shokudou CAPRICE
Tel: 098-800-1398